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The Wix website builder was made to be as simple as possible for everyone who wants to grow their own company. They can make their site look perfect, build the site quickly, and create a presence for themselves online. These websites can come to life very easily, and there are a lot of people who will start using Wix because it seems to be so approachable and simple. The Wix website builder starts off the customer simply, and it allows the customer to do anything they want as they site grows.

How To Start Your Wix Website

Players can go to the Wix website at any time, and they can take a look at the account signup. They will enter all their information for the site, and they can start by naming their site. Make sure you look for a Wix Promo Code to save you some extra money. The user will start to build their site by choosing a package that they will want to use for their site. They can build the site for free, or they can take a paid package that will include more storage and design options. There are many people who will find that they can get their site live on some level after just a couple minutes, and they can come back to the site at any time to continue to work.

The Background

Users will choose a background that they plan to use on the site. They can select a color style and accents that they believe look best, and they could include their own pictures or art. These items can be changed as the user is playing around with the design, and they need to take a look at the way that the site allows them to use design templates. The design templates that people use give them more freedom to grow the site, and they can arrange their background accordingly.

The Template

You must choose a template that will make your site look the way that you would prefer. You can choose from a number of templates that will make your site look like a magazine or newspaper. The website could turn out to look like a traditional blog, or it could look more like a journal that posts poetry or your thoughts. You are welcome to take some of the free templates on the site, or you can make an online purchase of the template that you really want. You are given a template for the site that will be used as the site grows.

Making Your Own Pages

You can maker as many pages as you want for the site, and Wix allows you to add plug-ins as needed. You can get some of these plug-ins for free, and you will pay for others that are advanced. You can make purchases in an a la carte style because that gives you the freedom to use the site that you would prefer. You are not bound to the site by paying a large amount of money for a package. You choose everything from storage to the template and plug-ins separately.

Editing Your Site As Needed

You can add your site as needed, and you will find that you could make the site look in any way that you like. There are many things that you could change about the site, and you can make it look perfect with just a few moments of work. You should invest some time in editing the site because you can then work out how you will market and tag the site for the future.


Wix allows you to tag your site in a way that makes it much easier to find. You can tag your pages and the whole of the site with information that will draw in visitors. You can tag your site with location information that would also be submitted to Google, and you can use tags on all your posts so that you can show where they were posted.

The Storage Options

You can purchase any amount of storage you like through Wix, and you could have a fairly large website hosted through their company. You are free to add to the storage options for your site at any time, and you will notice that you can use the storage for the site that is required to add pages or content.

Ecommerce Options

You can have the eCommerce phase of your site set up through Wix, and you could sell anything that you want through this site. This means that you can use the site as a way to sell your products without having a brick and mortar store. Someone who prefers to use the Wix platform will use their payment platform, and you can take payment from all your customers through this site. Wix will help you with security, and they will send you alerts if you have security concerns.

How Long Does The Site Last?

You can renew your plan every year, and you will find that you can use the site as a way to keep your home online without migrating or feeling like you need to move. If you want to start a brand new site, you can check out the URL options that you have. There are many people who will want to search out a URL that they could buy in addition to what they already have, and they can do this fairly easily if they have a plan to buy up Internet real estate.

Who Can Use Wix?

Anyone can use Wix at any time to make a site that is almost the size of a corporate site or just a blog that they want to use to share their writing. There are many people who will find that they can use this site for free while they try to get their site going. They can make further purchases if they need, and they can store everything on their site safely.


There are many companies or people that will find that they can come to Wix, and they will build up a Wix website that will give them the URL they want. This is a simple way for someone to get started, and they can pay only what they ant to build their site. Someone who wants to start up a new site can do this any way that they like because the site has so much building power. You can start your site today and go live in minutes with the pages you have always planned to post with your products or youre thoughts about the world.

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