What is HTML?

The Definition of HTML

HTML is a type of computer language created to enable the development of a website. Once the website has been created, it can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection. HTML is not difficult to learn and the average individual can learn the basics in a few hours. The more the individual learns, the wider the variety of what they are able to create on the website. HTML is consistently revised to meet the requirements of the current internet audience. The language must also be properly maintained to remain effective. HTML is an abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language.


HyperText is used by individuals to navigate the internet. When a hyperlink or special text is clicked on by the user, they will be navigated to the next page. If a link is hyper, it cannot be linear. You can navigate anywhere you want to visit on the internet simply by clicking on the hyperlinks with no predefined order.


The markup refers to what happens to the text inside the HTML tags. A good example is bold text. This is a text markup performing a specific function. In this case it will catch the eye of the reader.

The Language of HTML

Just like any other language, HTML includes syntax and code words. The tags are when the author types in a series of short codes. These codes are placed in a text file and saved as an HTML file. The file is read by the browser and translated into a form that is visible. This is how a web page is developed and created. The HTML tags must be written correctly or the page will not be functional. HTML pages can be created with graphical or rudimentary editor.

The Tags

HTML code and normal text are separated by the tags. These words are encased in angel brackets. This is what enables images because the browser has been instructed as to what needs to be rendered on the page. The actual function is dependent on the type of tag. When the page is viewed using a browser, the tags will not appear. The simple tags format the text. This can make the text bold or italics when seen using a web browser.

Designing the Website

Understanding how to use HTML is only a portion of the knowledge required to build a good website. The designer will learn a lot through experience as well as learning. Most people believe creating a website is half talent and half skill. One of the best ways to improve the website is understanding the corrections and techniques used for tags. The creator must also understand their target audience and have general design skills. This will improve the odds of the website being successful. Website design requires work, a wide range of skills, computer programming, typography and graphic design. Once these skills have been mastered, the creator will be more efficient on a computer and able to create an impressive website.

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